President Message

President Message

Canadian Academic Students Aid International (CASAI)

(CASAI) has been incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta-Canada as Federal, Non-Profit, Charitable Status, Non-Political Educational Organization. Primarily relying on financial support, donations, sponsorships to aid disadvantaged needy students; to pursue their higher education in Canadian and other Universities by offering qualified applicants interest free repayable loans, scholarships, bursaries as per the criteria included in this website.

CASAI Board of Directors include high profile Academics, professionals, Businessmen, Consultants. CASAI is affiliated with Arab Students Aid International – ASAI – U.S., a well respected Organization that has been aiding university students for more than 35 years.

Education is essential for every single person. It goes without saying that education has a positive effect on human life, family, society and country.

Education plays such a rudimentary role that we cannot even imagine a life without it, as it is a determined element for the civilization of human society. As a matter of fact, everything we create today including technology is based on the knowledge that we obtain throughout our life by way of education. This assists researchers, scientists in inventing equipment and devices, resulting in a high technology inventions nowadays.

In planned economy, normally it is planned years in advance to produce a definite number of doctors, engineers, teachers, technicians, scientists etc. to meet the social and economic needs of the society.

Regarding Technology and Education, had our forefathers not made revolutionary discoveries and produced series of technological breakthroughs, would our life be like it is today? Would it had been possible for us to gain so much knowledge and exchange information with everyone across the globe?

As our world is developing and global communication is taking a new dimension, technology has a great impact on our society, environment, and life. Since our students are the builders of tomorrow, they must be in synchronization with the pace at which our society is transforming.

Technology has boosted every industry; brought advancements in medicine, engineering, architecture, agriculture, and other profile sectors. Accordingly, businesses have grown, creating more employment opportunities. Advancements in technology have led to the evolution of newer and faster modes of transport and communication. Applications of technology has boosted research in various fields ranging from genetics to extraterrestrial space.