Loan Requirements


Students Applicants for an Interest Free Loan: Please review loan requirements to be approved according to CASAI criteria and to send the applications forms .

Note: All university documents should be closed , and sealed from the Canadian University.

Eligibility Requirements for Interest Free Loan for New Applicants:

  • A Citizen from Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and other countries
  • Have obtained an Admission from Canadian University or Academic Institution. Also, a student visa from Canadian Consulate; and intends to return to serve Home Country.
  • Have outstanding academic records. (Please submit your previous academic records as ORIGINAL) , minimum 80% average , equivalent to “B” or “Very Good” Average .
    Be enrolled for Bachelor’s , Masters’ or PhD program at an  accredited Canadian University.
  • Provide proof of active Admission, full time enrollment in an accredited Canadian university.
  • (Applicants enrolled for part-time, via correspondence are NOT ELIGIBLE)
  • Finish one academic semester at least in the field of study to be ELIGIBLE to apply for Interest Free Loan, and must achieve minimum 80% average , equivalent to “B” or “Very Good” Average .
  • Transcript records of University Grades of previous years (ORIGINAL)
  • Letter of enrollment registration for the new academic year, or Semester from Canadian University Registrar (ORIGINAL)
  • Must provide any changes in contact information. (Address, Telephone, Fax, Email Etc.)
  • Provide any changes of the  Two Guarantors. (Address, Telephone, Fax, Email Etc.)
  • Provide Personal Financial Statements/Financial Status for the Applicant Student  and Spouse, if married ,for the past two years from the date of applying to CASAI for Scholarship/Loan. As well as, details of family support for duration of Academic Studies at the Canadian  University who offered the Admission to the Student.
  • Details about the sources of Funds, names of family members who are Financial supporting the Applicant Student . the Amounts to be Received from each source.
  • Expected date of Graduation mm / yyyy
  • Plans after Graduation from Canadian University. (Please write and attach on a separate sheet)